Blue Integrity have both National and International experience in Major Event Management.


Our team has worked with many of the world’s leading sporting events; in planning, mass recuitment, training and development of workforce and operation secuirty and safety management roles.  

  • Security and risk management planning
  • Safety and crowd management planning 
  • Preparation for licensing of the event 
  • Allocation and sourcing of safety and security workforce
  • Intergation exercises for agencies including the police, fire, medical personnel, local authorities and other key stakeholders 
  • Senior operational management for security and safety 
  • Mass volume recruitment, training, deployment and staff management 
  • Leadership Training 
  • Training and development with international accreditation

Blue Integrity offers event management at a range of venues including, but not limited to:

  • Stadia events including:Sport, concerts etc  
  • Festivals 
  • Networking events
  • Mobile and fixed venues
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